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Espresso - Papa Rob's Special Blend - Dark Roast

Espresso - Papa Rob's Special Blend - Dark Roast

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The heart of every good coffee drink is a excellent Espresso. Papa Rob's Special Blend Espresso is rich in flavor and very smooth. Whether you drink it straight or in coffee drinks you will love my special blend!

Customer Reviews

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The aroma is amazing…

And the taste is even better! Highly recommend and will be purchasing again.

Kevin Boyd

very good coffee

Amazing coffee!

I love the espresso blend. I make it strong for a pour over espresso, but also delicious brewed in the coffee maker for my morning cup of coffee. I also mix it with a medium like Guatemala or Honduras just to change it up. Fresh Coffee is just better in every way.

Kent Hudson
Great coffee and service

Papa Rob made sure I had an opportunity to try several of his blends with me, landing on the espresso. Americano is my drink, and Papa Rob Expresso is my beans of choice. Deliveries are fast, and service is exceptional. If you love coffee, I highly recommend Papa Rob’s coffee.

Cindy Hebenstreit
Superb Coffee

I purchased coffee beans from Papa Robs. I didn’t really expect to absolutely love the coffee as much as I did. I say that, because most coffee is okay, but not really great. Loving a cup of coffee without creamer is unheard of for me. I loved it so much I wouldn’t think of adding anything other than coffee!