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Africa - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Dark Roast

Africa - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Dark Roast

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Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe comes from the forests of the Kaffa region where coffee Arabica grew wild. This coffee is dark roasted with smooth sweetness and clean cup flavors. There are notes honey drizzled pastry, peach crumble, with brown sugar and cinnamon. This is Papa Rob's favorite!

Customer Reviews

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Angie Clark
Now I am Addicted to Coffee!

I have never been a real coffee drinker, and I only drank it when I needed to be more alert for my really early mornings. That was until I tried Papa Rob’s Coffee. I originally bought it for my mom as a Christmas gift, and when I got that first fresh smell of the closed bag, it smelled of overwhelming goodness! My husband and I opened her gift within 20 minutes, because we had to try it. It is absolutely the freshest, best coffee I have ever had. Now we are both addicted and have tried several of his flavors. You will NOT be disappointed! Every time I try a new flavor I am even more impressed!

Zein Kharrat
Smooth full flavor

I sampled 4 different coffees and this one was my favorite. To me, it has a deep flavor that hits the spot for my morning coffee.

Barbara Jackson
Best Coffee !

The Ethiopian is a dark roast, but not bitter at all. It makes a flavorful cup of coffee consistent each time. Papa Rob's coffee is my number one coffee


Unbelievable coffee!! Smooth low acidity and smells great.