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Organic - Guatemala Huehuetenango - Medium Roast

Organic - Guatemala Huehuetenango - Medium Roast

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Guatemala is home to some of the most well-loved and prominent coffees on the planet. The mountains, volcanic soils, and rainy weather create ideal conditions for exceptional coffee. These beans are certified organic and you will enjoy its balanced flavor, fruit notes, clean aftertaste, smooth body and brown sugar aromas!

Customer Reviews

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Greg Roller
Great coffee!

I used to be a Barista, so I'm super picky about my coffee. This coffee stands up to the best in the world.

Roy Ponder
Best coffee ever!

Customer service is impeccable. I’m on the monthly subscription program and delivered to my door every month. Always fresh and can’t go a day without it.

Incredible fresh coffee!

The coffee I received was great! Extremely fresh with amazing flavor! This has set a new standard in coffee for me. 👍


Have you ever been to one of those hipster coffee joints? You know, the ones with the Bon Iver soundtrack and the uncomfortable chairs? But despite the discomfort, you keep returning because they have good coffee, wishing you could enjoy it daily without shelling out $5 a cup. Well, with Papa Rob’s Coffee, you can bring that same artisanal coffee experience home, delivered right to your doorstep. From the moment you open the package, you’re hit with the aroma of freshly roasted beans, as each batch is carefully sourced and expertly roasted, ensuring consistency and freshness with every brew. Whatever your coffee palate, there is a roast for you. Plus, the convenient subscription service means you never have to worry about running out of your favorite brew again. So say goodbye to those $5 cups of coffee and uncomfortable chairs—and get fantastic coffee delivered to your doorstep with Papa Rob’s Coffee.

Kendra Alley
You can taste the differnce

We have a Terra Kaffe machine. And no-oil, high-end coffee is recommended and Papa Rob's is by far the best tasting bean we've ever has since purchasing our machine over two years ago